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D. K. Pandey, IPS


It is our honorable Chief Minister's vision that Jharkhand should develop economically, socially and culturally at a very fast pace.The police department in any state lays the foundation for growth and development in the state by providing safe and secure environment to its residents, potential investors and society at large. As a natural corollary, an efficient, effective, sensitive, responsive and modern Jharkhand Police is the need of the hour. This vision inspired me when I took over the leadership of Jharkhand Police around sixteen months ago.

Since its inception in the year 2000, the Jharkhand State has been facing many challenges on multifarious fronts like left wing extremism, organized crime and maintenance of communal harmony, among other things. After carefully understanding these challenges, we embarked upon a multifaceted major transformation exercise for Jharkhand Police in last one and a half year. The complete structure of the state police has been reorganized with the main aim of promoting professionalism by making it officer oriented, corruption free, for delivering better services to the citizens along with enhancing the morale of the state police force. It was important to change the perception, methodology and way of our working to make us more responsive, modern and a sensitive organization. With the help of all my fellow officers, we analyzed that through proper manpower and career planning, improved training, effective supervision and by inculcating a sense of values amongst the members of our force, we can encourage specialization, promote professionalism and boost morale in the force. In this direction, we have adopted a highly progressive and dynamic personnel policy along with making sweeping changes in the training policy. We have been working round the clock to make the lives of our people better and to instill a sense of security and confidence among the common man of our state.

To accomplish these objectives, several new initiatives have been launched while keeping the old tested ones intact. We have not yet reached the levels that we aspire for, but we are certainly determined and moving whole-heartedly in the direction to achieve the same. Some of the major initiatives and achievements of Jharkhand police over last one and a half years are as below.

• Jharkhand Police has been made more officers centric; by almost doubling the posts of various categories of police officers (Inspectors, SIs, ASIs) in one go. As a result now the teeth-to-tail ratio of 1:2.5 has been achieved from earlier prevalent 1:4.95. This has provided us a large number of investigating officers and improved tremendously the promotional opportunities for our lower ranks.

• 116 police stations have been made Inspector headed and we have also upgraded 56 assistant police stations as full fledged independent police stations. The existing 520 police stations and outpost have been increased to 606 and all police stations/police out posts and other specialized units have been categorized and for every category, norms for the scale of police officers/policemen of different categories have been fixed.

• The revamped personnel policy now affords opportunity of fast-track promotions for constabulary of 5-10 years of service directly to the ranks of Sub Inspectors through LDCE (Limited Departmental Competitive Exam).

• To deal with increasing complexities of investigations more effectively, a new Investigation Training School has been established, and every IO (Investigation Officer) has been mandated to undergo a mandatory refresher course once in every three years while those serving in Special Investigations Wings are now required to undergo refresher course every year. Every officer (in all ranks) is now required to attend a mandatory pre promotional training which would enhance their capacity to work more professionally.

• Special emphasis has been laid on protection of the most vulnerable sections of population including women, children, scheduled castes and scheduled tribes. The women police are being strengthened and a policy decision has been taken to reserve 33% posts for women in the state police force. In order to deal more effectively with crimes against women and children and to tackle the problems of juvenile delinquency, 41 Women and Child Protection Police Stations are being established at each subdivision level. A dedicated Woman help line and Child help line has been operationalized. Shakti App has been launched in Jamshedpur and Ranchi city to respond to emergency calls of women and provide them a sense of security. Women constables have been trained to act as Shakti Commando. Women writer constables have been posted in police stations. 1922 children have been rescued through operation Muskaan. Under operation “Hum Tum Nirbhheek” lady Police Liaison Officer for schools/colleges have been appointed and 20000 children have been imparted security awareness training in various districts.

• With incessant operations against naxals, their influence and naxal violence has been considerably brought down. Many senior leaders of naxals have been arrested/killed and some of them have also surrendered.

• 13 Focus Areas inside hardcore naxal area have been identified and developmental action plan has been launched.

• Jharkhand online FIR System (JOFS) has been started and now anybody can lodge a complaint online.

• 163 new PCR Vans have been deployed in the state for preventing crimes and to quickly respond to any emergency situation.

• In order to medically facilitate the victims of accidents, JHARMAR & ARMAR services have been started. A full fledged Highway Patrol department to mann all major national and state highways in Jharkhand is being raised.

• M-governance centre has been established in police headquarters. Several applications for human resource management, witness production, women security are being developed in house. Data integration of various departments is being undertaken.

• For prevention and control of crime 429 police station crime related entries are being updated through CCTNS.

• A.T.S (Anti Terrorist Squad) has been established to neutralize terror modules.

• Cyber Police Station has been established in Ranchi to deal effectively with increasing and complex cyber crimes.

• Beat Patrolling and community oriented policing have been launched in a major way to suit the needs and expectations of modern society.

• Jharkhand police web portal www.jhpolice.gov.in has been redesigned and updated for collection and dissemination of information to public.

The future plans of Jharkhand Police in the pipeline are:-

• Government has already approved 44 urban police station to be converted into smart police stations. For upgradation of 22 police stations money has been transferred to JPHCL.

• Under Safe City Project, CCTV surveillance system is to be introduced in Ranchi.

• Unified Dial -100 to be launched in whole state for responding to any emergency.

• Proposal for up gradation of 71 new Police Station into Smart Police Station has been sent to Government of India.

• Two Specialized India Reserve Battalion (for primitive tribes) are to be raised.

• 30 new police camps are to be established in hardcore naxal areas.

• Predictive and preventive policing by identifying hotspots of crime is to be launched.

• Deployment of PCR and Highway Patrol vans throughout the state are to be increased from 163 to 331.

• As an effective emergency response system all PCR vans and patrolling vehicles are to be GPS enabled within the year. Tiger mobile and traffic police are to be provided android mobile sets to respond in faster and better way by usinglatest technology.

• The law and order and investigation aspects of policing are to be separated. While creating new specialized investigation wings at the district and sub-division level, the law and order and investigation would be separated in bigger urban police stations to start with. Subsequently, the segregation of these two most important wings would be extended to all police stations in the state.

With all of above mentioned endeavors, I would like to assure that I along with my whole dedicated team of police officers/personnel are in the process of realizing the vision of transforming Jharkhand police and making it highly professional, skilled, disciplined, responsive and technologically savvy. But it is with your active, increased participation and support that we will be able to realize it fully on the ground.

Together we can make a difference and we will.

D K Pandey

Director General of Police

Jharkhand, Ranchi.

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