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Fin. Year 2016-17
Reference No Title Tender Type Department / Section Last Date of Submission Corrigendum
PHQ/NIT/25/2016-17 Supply of Steel Bed Cot and Folding Bed Cot Buy I.G. (Provision) 06-12-2016 Corrigendum: Supply of...
PHQ/NIT/27/2016-17 New Supply of Fogging Machine Buy I.G. (Prov.) 14-12-2016
PHQ/NIT/26/2016-17 Supply of Modern Mess Equipments Buy I.G. (Provision) 02-12-2016
PHQ/NIT/24/2016-17 Supply of Utensil Buy I.G. (Provision) 30-11-2016
PHQ/NIT/23/2016-17 Supply of Extendable Tent (4 meter) Buy I.G. (Provision) 17-11-2016
PHQ/NIT/22/2016-17 Waist Band Amplifier for Traffic Police Buy I.G. (Provision) 18-10-2016
PHQ/NIT/21/2016-17 CCTV कैमरा के वार्षिक सम्पोषण हेतु Service Contract I.G. (Provision) 18-10-2016 ...
PHQ/NIT/17/2016-17 Run flat systems Bullet Proof Vehicles and Tubeless Tyres Buy I.G. (Provision) 26-09-2016 ...
PHQ/NIT/20/2016-17 5 वीं अखिल भारतीय पुलिस तीरंदाजी प्रतयोगिता -2016 के सफल आयोजन हेतु खेल सामग्री /उपकरण I.G. (Prov.) 26-09-2016
PHQ/NIT/19/2016-17 5 वीं अखिल भारतीय पुलिस तीरंदाजी प्रतयोगिता -2016 के सफल आयोजन हेतु सामग्री (किराये पर) I.G. (Prov.) 26-09-2016
Re: PHQ/NIT/14/2016-17 For the fabrication Motorcycle Buy I.G. (Provision) 01-09-2016
PHQ/NIT/18/2016-17 Equipment/ tools/ machine required for repair and fitment of Tubeless tyre/ Run flat system Buy I.G. (Provision) 19-09-2016

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