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Sri Neeraj Sinha, IPS




               Welcome to the website of Jharkhand Police. It is an important medium to interact with the police fraternity as well as with the general public. I would welcome suggestions with respect to our website and our work. This interaction will lead us to do social audit and improve our organizational performance. 

“पुलिस आपके द्वारis our motto. Police cannot be effective without the active support of the public. By introducing beat patrolling and community policing, we have made an effort to garner the support and trust of the public to achieve our vision of crime free Jharkhand. We have adopted the concept of SMART Police, which stands for strict but sensitive, modern and mobile, alert and accountable, reliable and responsive, techno savvy and trained body of professionals, as enunciated by Hon’ble Prime Minister.

Some of the notable initiatives undertaken by the Jharkhand Police to make it more accessible and responsive to the citizens are:

  • Jharkhand on line FIR system (JOFS).
  • Linking of all 490 Police Stations out of 505 Police Stations through Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and System (CCTNS).
  • Jharkhand Police Unified Dial 100 Project.
  • "Shakti App" for women safety and security.
  • Establishment of Joint Command Control Centre (JCCC).
  • Commencement of "Investigation Cooperation Request for Cyber Crime Fraud".
  • ARMAR & JARMA Services for victims of accidents.
  • Establishment of M-governance center in Police Headquarters.
  • 313 new PCR and Highway Patrol vans have been deployed.
  • CCTV installation in Ranchi city.
  • "Operation Muskan" where in 1922 children have been rescued.
  • “Hum Tum Nirbheek” where lady police liaison officers have been imparting security awareness training in Schools/Colleges.
  • 13 Focus Area developments Action Plans in hardcore naxal areas.
  • Border Area Development Plan to implement policy of clear, hold and develop in the border areas of the State.

              To my police fraternity, I would like to say that the prime duty of police is to prevent crime and maintain law and order. We are duty bound to uphold law without fear or favor and provide a sense of security to the people. We have to safeguard the rights and dignity of women, children and weaker sections at all cost. With in the organization I would expect everyone to lay special emphasis on discipline, teamwork, responsibility and accountability and become a role model citizens. The ethos of police organization should be transformed from enforcement to enablement. I am always there to support righteous officers and men in the organization.      

Together we can and we will.


Director General of Police

Jharkhand, Ranchi.

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