Ranchi to follow Mumbai traffic system

RANCHI: The state capital is set to adopt the Mumbai model for streamlining the traffic system. Traffic SP Ranjit Prasad, who returned from Mumbai recently, has submitted a detailed report to the director general of police on how to upgrade the system here by adopting the Mumbai model. Prasad went to Mumbai on the order of governor Syed Ahmed to study the traffic system there. "Mumbai is a very developed city and we are still on the road of development. If the traffic maintenance system is applied here, we will soon be able to control the traffic," Prasad said on his arrival. The new system will emphasis on regulation of traffic instead of imposing fine. Prasad said, "During the peak hours in Mumbai, policemen concentrate on traffic management instead of imposing fine on rule breakers. Fine is imposed on the violators only when there is less traffic and constables are comparatively free." More than 100 CCTV cameras will be installed at various points in the city to keep tabs on the traffic and the traffic violators, said Prasad. "Breathalyzers and speedometers will also be brought in operation to check on drunk and rash drivers. All the constables will be given wireless sets and the whole traffic system will be computerized", he said. Shortage of constables is a big problem in maintaining traffic as only one constable is deployed at places were four are needed. DSP traffic R N Singh said, "We will increase the number of men for traffic regulation and policemen will also move around in bikes throughout the city to get hold of the violators." The city will also be divided into various zones for better traffic management. "Four traffic police stations will be made and equal number of men will be provided to every police station, so there is no deficiency in the work", said Prasad.

Courtesy: timesofindia.indiatimes.com 13.06.2012

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