State Forensic Science Laboratory (SFSL) - Achievements


  1. Receipt and Disposal of Cases from 01-01-2007 to 30-06-2011
    Description 01/01/2007 01/01/2008 01/01/2009 01/01/2010 01/01/2011
    1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
    No. of cases pending for examination in the SFSL          
    a. Cases pending as on 1st Jan. of the year 3289 3271 2989 3216 3595
    b. Cases received during the year 718 1021 1022 1289 527
    c. Number of cases sent for examination (a + b) 4007 4292 4011 4505 4122
    d. Cases disposed off during the year (Both current and old) 736 1303 795 910 286
    e. Cases pending (c – d) 3271 2989 3216 3595 3836
  2. Visits to the Scene of Crime:
    From 2006 to 2011
    • Deactivation of Bombs (each case includes several bombs) - 24
    • Visit to the Scene of Crime - 40
  3. Training Activities

    Ever since its inception in the year July 2006, the State Forensic Science Laboratory is actively engaged in imparting training to the Police Officers, Judicial Magistrates, Sub-divisional Judicial Magistrates, Chief Judicial Magistrates, Judicial Commissioner and District and Session Judges, Assistant Public Prosecutors and Public Prosecutors, Executive Magistrate, etc. Besides, the scientists of this establishment visited Jamshedpur (Chaibasa Range), Latehar (Palamu Range) and Ranchi (Chotanagpur Range) to impart training to the Dy. Superintendents of Police, Circle Inspectors, Sub-Inspectors and Assistant Sub-Inspectors on the areas of Management of the Scene of Crime and Application of Forensic Science in Crime Investigation. Graduate constables drawn from all the districts of the state were also trained in these fields for deputing them in the Forensic Mobile Vans. Our scientists are regularly visiting Jharkhand State Judicial Academy and Shree Krishna Administrative Training Institute to interact on the ever-expanding applications of the concepts, principles and techniques of Forensic Science in Crime Investigation and Administration of Justice as visiting faculties. So far about fifteen hundred officials belonging to the Judicial, Administrative and Police organizations were trained.

    Visit of Shri Bhagwatti Prasad
    Hon’ble Chief Justice, High Court of Jharkhand, Shri Bhagwatti Prasad, attending the ongoing session of the District and Sessions Judges
    Indoor Session at the Jharkhand at Judicial Academy in Progress Simulation Exercise for Judges Jharkhand Judicial Academy in Progress
    Training of Additional District Judges

    The State Forensic Science Laboratory in collaboration with the Police Head Quarters, Jharkhand, published a detailed Handbook and Checklist on Scientific Crime Investigation and Packaging of Physical Evidence from the Scene of Crime for Investigating Officers of the state. The book was also sent to the States of Chattisgarh and West Bengal.

  4. Court Evidence:

    Apart from the laboratory works, visits to the scene of crimes and imparting training to the officers belonging to various services, the scientists are regularly appearing to the courts for deposing evidence throughout the state.

  5. Futuristic Plans
    • To shift the Forensic Science Laboratory from its present location to the newly created laboratory building at Hotwar.
    • Strengthening of the newly added DNA and other units of the laboratory in terms of manpower, kits, equipment and infrastructure.
    • Creation of Cyber Forensic Wing (Project Report Submitted).
    • Creation of Investigative Psychology Unit (Project Report Submitted).
    • Compulsory filling up the Crime Scene Inspection Form.
    • Accreditation of all the Scientific and Administrative Units of the Laboratory.
    • Health insurance of the Officers and Staff of the Laboratory.
    • Formation of Forensic Science Directorate and State Forensic Science Development Board.
    • Signing MOU with DFS, Gujarat and other institutions of excellence.

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